Who are the stars? … heh heh

I heard yesterday that some bodyfitness novices were so horrified that the captions were not correct in the script.

Neither of these daughters would have been anything in the Bodaus magazine if I had not told Simon that she was doing it.

I’m tired of finding the girls’ phone numbers.

Of course, no thanks have ever been given to girls ….

It is not so clear that the story is still being done with that success – and even if it is a harder class racer then so I think it would be good to keep it healthy humility and thank the attention it received instead of appealing to the meaningless factual errors of the story.

Perhaps what kind of people this guy is bulging!

Simo is one of the journalists of the Bodaus magazine, and we are together thinking about stuff.

Simoki was annoyed …… from now on we will be more careful about who the thing is going to be!